January 25, 2016, CGES organized the program at the LEVANA hotel, Hazratganj, Lucknow on the Climate Change. Padma Shri Prof.Pramod Tandon, CEO,Biotech Park, Lucknow delivered the lecture on Impact of Climate Change on the Bio-diversity with colourful slides, facts and figures.

Prof.Tandon very lucidly explained the impact of the climate change especially on agriculture, plants and animals. With the rise of average 1.2 degree centigrade, glaciers are melting fast, sea level is rising and the coastal regions are in constant threat. Countries all over the world are facing frequent cyclones, tsunamis, droughts. Climate change has changed the weather pattern, which has badly effected the agriculture production. Climate change is the reality and countries like China, USA and India must lower down the carbon emission for saving the environment of planet Earth. After the lecture there was a interactive session where the distinguished participants asked questions on the, carbon emission, global warming, climate change and probable solutions for saving the environment of planet Earth.